API Piping Plans

The API Seal Plans elaborated in this section are as defined by API 682 4th edition / API 610 10th edition.

These are standardized flushing piping arrangements that are widely used in the industry. Customer specific variants of these plans are possible.

API Piping plans help to ensure good conditions for mechanical seal operation as well as improving safety and pump reliability

Please contact AESSEAL Systems Division for further details. Tel: +44 (0)28 9266 9966 Email: systems@aesseal.com For more information, and a video demonstrating the piping plan in operation, select a plan below

API Plan 74 - Gas Seal

Externally pressurised barrier gas supplied through a gas control system to a dual seal arrangement. An inert gas is used as a barrier gas.

API Plan 75 - Containment Seal

Leakage of condensate from inboard seal of a dual containment seal is directed to a liquid collector.

API Plan 76 - Containment Seal

Vapour leakages from inboard seal of dual containment seal are directed to a vapour recovery system via a vent connection.