Bearing Protection

Research shows that 52% of bearing failures are due to contamination of the bearing oil*.

* Bloch, Heinz; “Pump Users Handbook: Life Extension” 2011.

Save your bearings and improve your reliability with our bearing isolation / protection range.

Research into Bearing Failures

Reliability by numbers: 52% of bearing failures. A study into equipment reliability conducted at a major refinery has published statistics on causes of equipment failure. They concluded that 40% of overall rotating equipment failures (pumps, mixers, etc) were due to bearing failure.

They further estimated that 48% of all bearing failures were due to particle contamination and a further 4% were due to corrosion (caused by liquid in the oil). Therefore 52% (total contamination cause) of 40% (bearing failures) = 20.8% of all rotating equipment failures are caused by contamination of the bearing oil.

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LabTecta66 KSB- Bearing Protection – KSB CPK Pumps

LabTecta66 KSB

Bearing Protection – KSB CPK Pumps

Advanced non-contacting labyrinth seal with integral shut-off valve and accessories for KSB CPK pumps.

LabTecta66 OAP- Bearing Protection – Outboard Airpurge

LabTecta66 OAP

Bearing Protection – Outboard Airpurge

The LabTecta-OAP™ is specifically designed for use in extreme environments and applications where contamination may completely cover the seal /equipment.

LabTecta66 PB- Bearing Protection – Plumber/Pillow Block

LabTecta66 PB

Bearing Protection – Plumber/Pillow Block

The LabTecta-PB™ utilizes a unique two-piece stator design that provides a self-aligning joint that allows the seal to align both to the bearing block and to the shaft.

LabTecta66 RDS- Bearing Protection – Radially Divided

LabTecta66 RDS

Bearing Protection – Radially Divided

The only radially divided bearing protector available with rotor / stator static sealing technology as standard. The LabTecta-RDS™ is available in several configurations including flange mounted, axial movement and internal air-purge, giving even

LabTecta66 SS- Bearing Protection – Stainless Steel Metalurgy

LabTecta66 SS

Bearing Protection – Stainless Steel Metalurgy

The LabTecta-SS™ is available in full stainless steel construction, giving even greater flexibility in more chemically demanding environments.

LabTecta66 ST-STAX- Bearing Protection – Steam Turbine Applications

LabTecta66 ST-STAX

Bearing Protection – Steam Turbine Applications

Process steam turbines present a unique challenge for bearing protection. As the carbon rings containing the steam wear, high temperature / high velocity steam travels down the shaft directly at the bearing seal.

LabTecta66 WARMAN- Bearing Protection – Warman Pump

LabTecta66 Suitable for use with WARMAN Pumps

Suitable for use with WARMAN® Pumps

Advanced non-contacting labyrinth seal with integral shut-off valve and accessories for WARMAN® pumps.