With operations in six continents, AESSEAL® is the world’s 4th largest supplier of mechanical seals, achieving growth through exceptional customer service and innovative products that provide real customer benefits.

For every seal developed by AESSEAL®, we use state-of-the-art computational facilities and numerical tools to design and optimize seal performance prior to manufacture and testing.

These tools include Predictive Software Code developed in-house, Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). Our numerical tools are used for seal design, performance optimization, special product application and troubleshooting.

In combination with an extensive test program the result is world-leading technology that keeps your equipment running longer.

STYLE-760 Special Packing


100% GORE® G2 Fibre. PTFE fibre with incorporated graphite.

Very stable shape, little wear

STYLE-770-TP Trapezoid Packing



Combination braid of expanded PTFE-Graphite and PTFE fibre with special pore-filling impregnation. Providing suitability for - paper and pulp, sugar and chemical industries.

STYLE-785 - Pump Packing


Braided from 100% GORE® GFO® expanded PTFE fibre with incorporated graphite and silicone run-in lubricant.

Highly thermally conductive

STYLE-790 Pump Packing


PTFE-Graphite Multifilament Fiber with silicone free ‘run-in’ lubricant.

Self-lubricating and graphite-enhanced to give minimal friction and good heat conductivity

STYLE-795-TP Trapezoid Packing



Braided from 100% ePTFE-Graphite incorporated fibre with silicone run-in lubricant.

STYLE-870 Pump Packing


Ramie fibre with PTFE blocking agent and silicone-free run-in lubricant.

Universal packing for lower temperatures

SW2 & SW3 - Water Management System

SW2 & SW3

Water Management Systems

The SW Range consists of the SW2 and SW3 Water Management Systems. The environmentally-friendly SW Range Systems connect directly to the plant water line using it as its fluid and pressure source.