Seal Support Systems

AESSEAL® offers a wide range of innovative and modular seal support systems to complement its mechanical seal designs.

We believe we are the only seal auxiliary system supplier to deliver CE certified full assemblies without the use of third-party sources. We manufacture the systems at the AESSEAL Global Technology Centre, which is certified to Module D, B1 and H1 – H1 being the highest level of PED certification.

All of our systems comply with:

  • ASME VIII Div.1, 2007, 2008a (welded to ASME IX)
  • PED 2014/68/EU
  • GOST

Reliability Enhancement

Research has proven that the biggest mechanical preventative of mechanical seal failure is the use of effective Seal Support Systems.

This means that no matter how well designed your mechanical seal or bearing systems are, without a reliable Seal Support System there is still the possibility of your mechanical seal failing. The innovative and reliable Seal Support System Range at AESSEAL® gives customers the confidence to remove this root cause of mechanical seal failure.


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Maintain a constant differential in process pressure.

Designed to track and maintain a constant differential with fluctuations in process pressure.

SP-Range Pressure System


Gas Pressurised / Buffer Systems

The AESSEAL® SSE12-P™ and SSE25-P™ robust weld pad vessels are used as the core of a modular Pressure System range.

SW2 & SW3 - Water Management System

SW2 & SW3

Water Management Systems

The SW Range consists of the SW2 and SW3 Water Management Systems. The environmentally-friendly SW Range Systems connect directly to the plant water line using it as its fluid and pressure source.

SWFF-TF Water Management System


Water Management System

The intelligent SWFF-TF System incorporates the patented Flow Fuse and Thermal Fuse products.  The Flow Fuse is designed to restrict barrier fluid contamination of the process on momentary or permanent seal failure.

SWM - System Water Management


Water Management

The AESSEAL® SWM™ (System Water Management) and SWP™ (System Weld Pad) vessels are lower cost alternatives to the SW Range of Water Management Systems.