Fluid Distribution Unit

The AESSEAL FDU (Fluid Distribution Unit) is an efficient and high performance forced circulation PUMPPAC™ system.

The product was developed to meet the requirements of the API Plan 54 piping plan, which maximizes heat dump potential for more arduous pump applications. 

The FDU is adaptable to a wide range of industry applications with the fitting of additional equipment (optional: accumulator, level switch / transmitter and pressure switch/transmitter). Please note that both oil and water can be used with the FDU.


  • Independent low cost / pressurized fluid supply system - Removes the expense of piping a pressurized clean water / oil supply to a new area of the plant           
  • Can feed a number of seal support systems - Removes the expense of purchasing one system per mechanical seal          
  • Optional pressure switch and accumulator - Enables greater control of water / oil line pressure from the FDU™ 
  • Reduced energy consumption - The system can be operated intermittently to reduce energy costs via dead-ended piping
Forced Circulation System - Fluid Distribution Unit

Suitable for the Following API Plans

API Plan 54

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Suitable for the following industries

  • Automotive Pump Seals
  • Biofuels Pump Seals
  • Chemical and Pharmaceutical Pump Seals
  • Metal Processing Pump Seals
  • Mining and Minerals Pump Seals
  • Oil and Gas Pump Seals
  • Power Generation Pump Seals
  • Pulp and Paper Pump Seals