Gland Packing

AESSEAL® offers a selected range of gland packing that have been specifically designed and manufactured to reduce plant operational maintenance costs.

The cost of packing is low when compared to the cost of down time of a plant incorporating machinery wear, product loss, gland maintenance and labour. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance to select the highest quality modern fiber packing in an inter-braided construction and optimized profiles to provide the most resilient, long-lasting packing sealing solution.

We understand that size is the key performance factor for all packing applications.

That's why all our packing bears the SPC quality seal, which guarantees manufacturing precision and size continuity, and uses the most advanced and enduring inter-braid construction.

AESSEAL® packing displays an exceptional level of resilience and conformity of volume.

Their high quality design and construction requires less pressure on the gland to form the seal, which leads to less wear on the equipment, less maintenance and most importantly, increased packing life span. The advanced technological developments of the newer synthetic fibers, together with the braid construction, allow packing to be manufactured which give a superior performance. The synthetic fiber packing is far more cost effective and greatly reduces operational costs, which are the most important factors when considering gland packing selection.


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STYLE-330 Pump Packing


Highest Grade Carbon fibre, impregnated with specially-formulated dynamic silicon-free run-in lubricant.

Excellent versatility

Packing Style 333


Combination braid from carbon reinforced expanded graphite tape and carbon fiber, with run in lubricant

Self lubricating excellent use in pumps, minimizing the need of Flushwater

STYLE-335 Valve Packing


Braided from expanded graphite tape, with structural carbon fiber reinforcement

Excellent standardisation coefficient, universal plantwide use in static and rotating applications


Braided from expanded graphite tape, with inconel wire matrix reinforcement and a special PTFE film coating

High cross section density and sealability to minimize emissions

STYLE-340 Valve Packing


Braid made of flexible, expanded natural graphite foil with a 10-myh wire mesh reinforcement per braiding strand.

Highest-quality pure graphite gives a coefficient of expansion similar to steel.

STYLE-343 Valve Packing


Braided from specially formulated expanded graphite, reinforced with a proprietary inconel wire matrix and impregnated with a Passive, Inorganic Corrosion Inhibitor

  • Universal plant wide use in all block and manual valves
  • Extrusion stability through ultrafine Inconel metal mesh reinforcement on each braided strand
  • Passive Corrosion Inhibitor to protects valve stems
STYLE-350 Valve Packing


Braid made of flexible, expanded natural graphite foil.

Superb emergency running capability, no wear on the shaft, excellent thermal conductivity