Compressor Dry Gas Seal Systems

Dry Gas Seal Support Systems

High quality compressor dry gas seal support systems engineered to customer requirements for all seal configurations and applications

Each AESSEAL® gas conditioning system contains the key API modules plus various enhancements derived from our own field experience, to ensure the highest degree of compressor dry gas seal reliability and longevity.

For every application AESSEAL® performs a detailed phase analysis in-house to determine the required level of gas conditioning.

Typical features of AESSEAL® compressor dry gas seal support systems include:

  • NACE compliance

  • Patent pending TriStage™ prefiltration — removes bulk liquids up to 20 times more effectively than most coalescent filters

  • Superior gas filtration — more stringent than API requirements

  • Pressure booster — ensures continuity of seal gas under all transient conditions

  • High purity nitrogen generation — removes reliance on plant nitrogen

  • Heater system — provides dew point control

  • Designed by engineers with extensive field experience — ergonomic, coherent layout with easy maintenance of all key components without taking the system off-line