Compressor Seals

AESSEAL produces compressor dry gas seals in all configurations, incorporating a number of unique features which combine enhanced performance with increased life.

Both uni-directional and bi-directional designs are available and can be backed up by one of our range of separation seals.

CSS - Conventional Compressor Seal


Conventional Compressor Seal

The CCS™ is a tandem cartridge seal where the inboard seal is designed to seal up to 150 bar (2175 psi), and an outboard seal that acts as a low pressure tandem seal.

HHCS - Hydrostatic Hydrodynamic Compressor Seal


Hydrostatic Hydrodynamic Compressor Seal

AESSEAL® has unique patented hydrostatic and hydrodynamic Dry Gas Compressor seal technology, offering robust protection for the sealing surfaces during start-up, shutdown, slow roll and upset conditions.