Bellows Seals

Advantages of Metal Bellows Seals

The major advantage of using a metal bellows seal is the removal of a semi-dynamic sliding elastomer from a conventional pusher type mechanical seal. This removes the potential for mechanical seal hang-up or shaft/sleeve fretting. 

With 50% more bellows than the industry standard (12 instead of 8) there is less stress on each convolution in the bellows stack which helps increase seal life. AESSEAL® standard bellows material, Alloy 276, has superior mechanical and corrosion resistance properties than other industry standard bellows materials such as 300 series Stainless Steel or Alloy 20. The hydraulically balanced bellows unit is available in a variety of different material options with either elastomer or graphite packing sealing rings.


BDFI - Bellows Double Flow Induction Seal


Bellows Double Flow Induction / Convection

The BDFI™/BDFC™ (Bellows Double Flow Induction/Convection) is an innovative modular hybrid design, created using the inboard design of a BQFD™ and the outboard design of a DMSF™.

BDTP - Bellows Double Seal


Bellows Double Seal

The BDTP™ (Bellows Double Tandem Pumping) is a highly-innovative hybrid design, modular to the BDFI™. The seal's directed barrier fluid flow path achieves optimum heat removal at both sets of seal faces.

BQFD - Bellows Single Cartridge Seal


Bellows Single Cartridge Seal

The BQFD™ (Bellows Quench Flush Drain) range of single cartridge mechanical seals uses many of the same modular parts as a BSIV™

BSAI - Bellows Component Seals


Bellows Component Seals

The BSAI™ range is available in a wide range of seal face and elastomer combinations, together with self-aligning, DIN, CURC™, T, L shaped or boot mounted stationaries.

Bellows Single Full Graphite Cartridge Seal


Bellows Single Full Graphite Cartridge Seal

The BSFG™ (Bellows Single Full Graphite) cartridge seal is specifically designed to eliminate the costly and often long lead-time issues of exotic elastomer compounds.

BSIV - Single Bellow Seal


Single Bellows

The BSIV™ range of single cartridge mechanical seals has been designed as a value-for-money, high-performance sealing solution for general applications.