Power Generation

The competitive – and continuing – advantage we offer Power Generation industries results from our in-house innovation and range of specific solutions. We’ve done the legwork, from R&D to manufacturing.

For instance, we know the demands of a coal-fired power station are very different from those for oil or gas. We can help raise mean-time between failures by fixing root-cause problems.

More than 50% of the operational sealing issues in a coal-fired power station are due to inadequacies in bearing protection. As coal-dust works its way into rotating equipment bearing chambers, it seizes bearings. On the surface, a single bearing in a pillow block may appear inexpensive, but if the pillow block drives a Primary Air Fan, bearing seizure could affect the entire plant production output. By working so closely to serve the customer, we know how to overcome such issues.
AESSEAL® is probably the only global seal solution provider who can address all the seal issues in this market. From dry gas compressor seals (running at 300 barg/4350psig or 45,000 rpm) to plan 23 seals (running 260° C/500° F) on boiler feedwater or condensate pumps.
In addition, we design bearing protection seals for conveyor belt gearboxes, coal pulverizer gearboxes and provide innovative solutions for flue-gas desulpherization applications. Simply by providing companies with real-world solutions that work, AESSEAL® is recognized as a key supplier to the power generation industry.

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